ANTONI BOFILL photographer


Photographer since 1957 located in Barcelona. We are a family-run studio of photographers who have been in constant development since the beginning. From the technique and passion for the analogue camera to accomplish a solid professional background in digital photography.

Our costumers always get the best personal treatment as well as our enthusiasm for enjoying what we love doing the most. Our aim is to achieve the best professional photographic service working from the idea, the capture and the finishing touch. We have got our own private photo shooting set for the advertising needs photos as for instance the still life photography, products, portraits and more.

We carry out all kinds of institutional, social and professional events. In addition, we also offer interior designing projects as well as outside locations shots by using virtual photography. Also the surgical photography in medical interventions is one of our services. Finally we have got the latest printers for delivering extraordinary paper copies in any sizes required at the moment.

Our standing out speciality is the world of the stage. We have got a deal of great experience in operas, concerts and dance performances. Always using the best soundproofing techniques, so it is possible to work alive during big performances in legendary coliseums as Gran Teatre del Liceu since 1977 or Palau de la Música Catalana since 1993 in Barcelona, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris, l‘Arènes in Nimes, Ludwigshafen in Germany and Teatro Nacional de Cuba among others.